Golden Opportunity Scholarship Policies and Procedures

The purpose of the Phi Theta Kappa Middle States Alumni Association Golden Opportunity Scholarship Fund is for the Middle States Regional Alumni Association (MSRAA) to provide the opportunities for deserving students to join their local Phi Theta Kappa Chapters regardless of financial ability. Student must be joining a chapter that is part of the Middle States Region. MSRAA will collect donations to support the Association’s Golden Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be provided on a first come first service basis, as funds allow. The MSRAA will sponsor $65.00 to invitees who meet the criteria below, to offset membership dues to join Phi Theta Kappa.

  1. A Chapter Advisor can recommend 1 student per semester, per chapter to receive the Middle States Regional Alumni Association Golden Opportunity Scholarship.
  2. The Chapter Advisor will provide the student with the PTK MSRAA Golden Opportunity Scholarship application. The student will complete the application and submit to the Advisor, who will verify the student’s application and then submit the application to the MSRAA.
  3. Student requirements: The student shall write an essay on “What I would to do give back to the chapter, [and/or] college or community if I receive the Golden Opportunity Scholarship.” The essay shall be 250 words or less and shall be submitted to the Chapter Advisor for submission to MSRAA.

Upon receipt of the MSRAA Golden Opportunity Scholarship, the student will agree to complete the following:

  1. Commit to Complete
  2. Donate an hour of time to their chapter, college or community

Questions or concerns regarding the Middle States Regional Alumni Association Golden Opportunity Scholarship shall be addressed with Rachael Whitman at

Request for Golden Opportunity Scholarship